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Blog - the case for risk-takers

The case for risk-takers.

Are you a risk-taker or do you play it safe? At some point you’ve heard this question, likely off the list of standard questions during a job interview. More than likely, it made you think to yourself, am I a risk-taker? Either way there are negative and positive associations to your answer. If you answer yes, perhaps you’ll be thought of as someone who is careless, can’t evaluate consequences or visualize the ‘big picture but is fearless, takes on challenges and isn’t afraid to fail. If you answer no, perhaps you’re viewed as over analytical, afraid of making mistakes, and adverse to change but one who thinks of others and places value on safety and security. Tough call! 
7 ways to be more responsive to clients in a fast-paced world

7 ways to be more responsive to clients in a fast-paced world.

Seven ways to be more responsive to clients in a fast-paced world. When it comes to how quickly you need to respond to customers and potential customers, there’s only one answer: as fast as possible. How can you be more responsive to customers? Try these tips.
Does your company culture need a re-boot?

Does your Company need a Culture Re-boot?

Company culture is an HR buzzword that began by plastering the office walls with positive acronyms, fruit Company culture is an HR buzzword that began by plastering the office walls with positive acronyms, fruit bowls and foosball. No question organizations have now found it challenging to maintain synergy in their culture as they continuously pivot.
Why an age-diverse workforce works Blog post

Why an age-diverse workforce works.

If you’re responsible for hiring in your small business, or a hiring manager in larger companies, diversity efforts tend to focus on gender and ethnicity. Generational diversity is an often-overlooked dynamic that can boost productivity, decrease turnover, and increase innovation.…

When do you know it's time to Breakup with your mentor? Blog post

Breaking up with your Mentor.

If you’re already in the thick of a mentor relationship with no end date in sight, you might wonder how you’ll know when it’s time to move on? Ultimately, the answer is simple - whenever you want to. Nonetheless, there are a few things to consider throughout your mentor/mentee relationship that can help determine the best time for you.

Creating Meaningful Mentorships.

No matter where you are in your professional career, whether that be as a recent grad starting your first gig, a dedicated employee who has been working at the same job for years, or you’re beginning a new chapter in your life as an entrepreneur; a mentor can make a valuable imprint on your career and life trajectory. It can open networks and opportunities beyond your immediate reach and can give you the tools and confidence to promote yourself and develop professionally.
Get those bums outta seats Blog post

Get those bums outta seats and walk the talk.

Are you stuck on your home office chair? Or in my case a large exercise ball? I thought if I sat on the ball, it would make me somehow move more, in truth it doesn’t, I’m still sitting chair-like…for long…

Emotional Intelligence and the importance in business Blog

How’s your EQ as you lead through change?

In 2016, the World Economic Forum stated that by 2020 emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) would be an essential skill in the workforce. Seems pretty accurate. Today, we live through rapid change that requires a heightened need for leaders to…

When beliefs and behaviors are challenged in the business culture Blog post

When beliefs and behaviors are challenged by change.

Many changes are titled as culture change, even though they may involve much more than culture. But since many changes rely on culture to be successful, the emphasis of the change is placed on people’s beliefs and behaviors. Culture change…