Business in Balance,
our guiding principle.

With a balanced approach, we help you maximize the efficiency of your enterprise. Our expertise and strategies allow you to focus on your core business while we reinforce your stability and enhance your growth.

Three services we call Levvel TLC.

Talent . Learning . Change


We apply an even, fair philosophy to staffing that not only benefits your business, but our candidates as well. Beyond balancing those ideals, we ensure that technical fit and cultural fit is at the forefront of every placement. To offer superior fit we foster a deep network of meticulously vetted resources, perform a culture profile and remove the “non compete” barrier.


We help experienced leaders build internal change capability through a unique approach and toolkit that is second-to-none. On this journey, we provide change support for M&A, transformations, projects and programs, coach and co-lead internal change teams, and provide learning programs utilizing our Balanced Change™ approach to build change competency.

SAGE Techwork™

Levvel’s SAGE Techwork™ is a specialized work readiness and employment program for Indigenous adults. We identify high-demand skills and collaborate with corporate partners to secure jobs matching the proficiencies of Indigenous tech talent. Our focus on foundational and job-specific competencies, backed by industry-recognized certifications, ensures graduates meet Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector needs.

Balanced Change™

Our unique program is designed to enhance the skills of leaders and managers responsible for driving and measuring change. Gain access to advanced tools and techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into any change initiative. Designed for personal or corporate use, learn the comprehensive Balanced Change™ approach. Plus, achieve the Certified Balanced Change™ Professional (CBCP) designation upon completion.

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