Levvel is more than our name.
It’s how we do business.

About Levvel - how we operate, what we do, what we offer and celebrating our people-first approach to business done right.

Balance. That place where stability and growth are in harmony, where all is right. Even our name is in balance – Levvel is a palindrome, meaning it spells the same forwards and backwards.

We focus on key points in your business to help you create balance, including Talent Solutions, Organizational Change Solutions, Business Solutions, and technology based Products and Programs. By applying our expertise in these areas to your organization, we provide a smooth path forward where you can flex your core competencies and grow.

We call it business done right.

Our organization was founded by two like-minded people with a vast amount of experience and a singular vision – Help businesses find the balance they need to succeed. From there we have grown into a diverse team that balances integrity with compassion to create success for everyone. That means finding the right people, realizing the potential of your business, and achieving a harmonious and smooth running entity. Because the success of your business is the success of Levvel.

We Are Like-Minded People

Working with Like-Minded People

Dan Munkittrick in Rwanda honoring the women Software QA Testers as they achieve top marks on ISTQB certification tests.
Dan Munkittrick in Rwanda honoring the women Software QA Testers as they achieve top marks on ISTQB certification tests.

A great example of balance – heart and head – in business.

Balance means doing it right and doing it well, a principle that lies at the foundation of our partnership with our Rwanda-based sister company, Muraho Technology.

With the goal of making Software QA Testing better and making the world a better place at the same time, Muraho provides women with ISTQB® certified training, childcare and employment opportunities with salaries in the 90th percentile for Rwanda.

Several of our senior Muraho team members have been working and living in Africa for over ten years and have developed valuable government and business connections to enhance our investment and ongoing expansion in Rwanda. Jointly, Levvel has been working closely with, and are fully supported by members of the Canadian Federal Government and the Global Affairs team in Ottawa for our African investment.

We support more than just business.

DCC has provided 24 hour crisis support in Calgary and southern Alberta since 1970 in their mission to provide compassionate, accessible crisis support that enhances the health, well-being and resiliency of individuals in distress.

From raising awareness and donations at all of our sponsored events, Levvel is dedicated to helping those in need in our community.

Levvel supports Distress Centre Calgary in all our fundraising efforts. Community engagement and humanity are key to a healthy work life balance and greater global good.
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