Business in Balance.

We start from a very basic premise — to do things right in business we need to operate in a very logical, balanced way. It goes to the very nature of who we are and our belief that balance will bring both focus and strength to your company too.

This is how
Software QA Testing


ISTQB® Certified Rwandan women, ready to support our local QA experts.

Workshops for Professionals


Canadians trained in LaMarsh Global's Managed Change™

Staffing Solutions


of our IT Placements are renewed by our clients at will, despite having no obligation to do so

Change Consulting


organizations using our LaMarsh Managed Change™ approach globally

We think things don’t have to be “either/or.” We operate from a mindset that focuses on stability and yet growth – that you don’t have to compromise people to be profitable. We know that being intuitive and analytical isn’t in conflict. And with such a varied offering, we still align all of our expertise, so they complement and connect. So, whether you engage all of our services or just one, it works exceptionally well — in sync, in harmony and in alignment, with each other and with you.

We’re here to bring you to new heights. We’re Levvel.

How we take you to the next level.

Staffing Solutions

Great people, great fit and great value without compromise to candidates and companies.

Technology. Corporate. Executive
Change Consulting

Learn to manage, lead and measure change with an approach that is trusted worldwide.

Lead. Manage. Measure.
Software QA Testing

Scalable, flexible, and collaborative services with everyone’s benefit in mind.

Assess your needs
Management Consulting

Expert guidance for organizational leaders in operations, performance and high-level strategy.

Identify. Deliver. Resolve.

Levvel provides us with people that not only meet the functional and technical requirements of the roles we seek but also our specific cultural nuances as well. We don’t have time to sift through a mountain of resumes for the best candidate so having someone we trust do this for us has saved us a lot of time and money.

CIO, Telecommunications Company

The Levvel team have been awesome. We had a tight timeline and they were happy to ramp up with their sister company Muraho, and work with us during site creation. As we completed pages they were testing which allowed us to achieve our launch date. The reports were clear and their recommendations were very welcomed. Becky and the Rwandan team made us look good!

Senior Digital Designer, Clearmotive

The Levvel team and our team worked great together. Great experience. They were energetic open, honest, hardworking and respectful. They had a get-it-done attitude with proactive problem solving as our demands evolved and were flexible addressing out of scope work. They quickly picked up our business and understood our aggressive timeline. The different time zone was not a problem and staff being bilingual was valuable for our Quebec merger.

Director, IT, Oil & Gas

After going from one company to another we found Levvel. We appreciated the quick learning of our company and our objectives and they didn't try to take over the project. They asked us "What do you need" then provided guidance in a positive perspective.

Director. IT, Oil & Gas

Who we love working with.

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