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Levvel is a Talent and Transformation Services company with a unique approach. We specialize in helping individuals and businesses unlock their full potential! Although we are a business, we are a business who cares a whole lot…it’s how we operate, and what we call our LEVVEL TLC. We continue to exude that TLC in all we do – Talent, Learning, and Change. We operate from a mindset that focuses on stability and growth – that you don’t have to compromise people to be profitable. We know that being intuitive and analytical isn’t in conflict. And with our varied offering, we still align all of our expertise, so they complement and connect. So, whether you engage all of our TLC services or just one, it works exceptionally well — in sync, in harmony and in alignment, with each other and with you.

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We apply an even, fair philosophy that benefits your business and our candidates. Whether it’s technology staffing or executive search, we ensure technical fit and cultural fit is at the forefront of every placement. We’re privileged to have legacy relationships and continually foster new ones with a transparent, and inclusive style that we call our ‘people-first’ approach.


We help experienced leaders build internal change capability through an approach and toolkit that is second-to-none. On this journey, we provide change support for projects and programs, coach and co-lead internal change teams, and provide learning programs to build the change competency of leaders and employees. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have the skills you need to take the wheel and for us to walk away.

SAGE TechworkTM

A software testing work readiness and employment program for Indigenous talent. We are dedicated to reducing the educational, employment, and technical skill gaps that exist in the Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) sector between Indigenous and non-Indigenous talent. ⁠SAGE TechworkTM offers a unique learning platform that couples technology with personal competency.

Balanced ChangeTM

Levvel’s own proprietary program – Balanced ChangeTM – is for anyone who manages organizational change.  Learn how to identify, mitigate, and manage risk to change, whether it’s a large business transformation, acquisition, or process change. A unique balanced approach to change with a people-centric view, sets this program apart. Become a Certified Balanced ChangeTM Professional ( CBCP).

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