Stay Levvel-headed in business.

Managing Change in the World of AI.

Change management—the art of guiding people and organizations through transitions employing specific strategies and tools to ensure smooth progress - is undergoing a transformation. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI)

How to Lead a Modern Intergenerational Team.

Realizing what biases and assumptions we hold is the first step. Just as organizations have DEI programs, tools, and exercises to root out biases and anticipate and diffuse conflict, so should age diversity hold to the same standards and practices.

Unlocking Generative AI: Why companies waver at work.

If you’ve not dabbled with an AI tool then you are in the minority. However, many companies are still on the fence about allowing their employees to use it in the workplace. Is it fear of the unknown? There are many reasons behind this caution and how it impacts brand image, information integrity, job retention, and productivity. Plus,its selective information scraping.

Embracing Change-The battle of the Hoarders and Purgers in leadership.

It's an interesting phenomenon, and one that translates to business too. Some people have a knack for holding on to things, while others find it easier to let go. Have you ever noticed how people's personal habits of hoarding or purging can reflect their approach to change in leadership roles? Join us on a whimsical journey...

Team building isn’t just about trust falls.

Do your employees groan or avoid eye contact when you mention planning a team-building exercise? Perhaps they're thinking of old-school activities like trust falls and egg-on-spoon races! Those cringe-worthy team building experiences of the past. You know the ones—the ones that felt more like a punishment than a boost to morale. Trust falls don’t really ensure personal boundaries - Yikes!
Has remote work affected business etiquette?

Have we lost our business etiquette or has it just evolved?

We’re well into a shift to remote workforces and stats indicate that all is well productivity-wise, as stated by Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman. “We learned that we could not only effectively operate our business as a distributed remote workplace, but that our people could thrive and be just as, if not more, productive while remote." However, the once “not normal” in business culture is creeping into the virtual business lives and blurring the lines between what’s acceptable at home and what’s acceptable in the office.
What's the personality of your Company Culture?

What’s the personality of your Company Culture?

What are your organization's cultural attitudes? Having unhealthy or dysfunctional attitudes can interfere significantly with successful strategy implementation. A company's culture is defined as “the shared values, attitudes and practices that characterize an organization.” It's the personality of your company,and it lays the foundation for employees overall satisfaction.