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Neurodiverse workforce

Are you including Neurodiversity in your DEI conversations?

The challenge in including neurodiverse individuals in the workplace is often a lack of awareness and inclusive infrastructure. James Townend, an ASD corporate trainer that lives the experience himself, recounts: "…neurotypicals like things in a box, or template, as it is easier to understand. When you go out of the box, that brings discomfort. I bring my diagnosis up as I want to be honest and because I am proud of who I am. But are others as accepting?"

Why Thought Leadership is vital to your organization’s growth.

As a highly regarded business leader, Ajay Sharma shares his insight into the importance of thought leadership, how to steer your business mindset towards thought leadership, and what achieving success looks like. Learn: How to tell if your business culture is ready for innovative leadership? How can a company get started with thought leadership?
It's not just about ticking the diversity box.

It’s not just about ticking the diversity box.

So, let’s take for example the new hire, often referred to as the ‘diversity hire.’ This phrase usually refers to an employee from an underrepresented group. This term is disparaging and bias implying the new employee was hired to tick the diversity box, not based on merit. Simply by using this term within the company, the individual might be singled out.

Think before you change for the sake of change.

There is no disputing that organizational changes when the business environment demands them are necessary, however storming in with abrupt change is distracting, disruptive, and promotes disengagement. Because you have actionable goals to meet, future forward ideas, and have been hired to make a difference does not mean there is collective thinking around your ‘plan’…or at least not yet.
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Are your kids safe on Campus? ResponsEye is key to Campus Security.

The most prevalent crimes committed on college campuses include burglary, motor vehicle theft, sexual assault and fondling, harassment, and discrimination complaints. According to stats Canada in 2019, one in ten women students who were attending postsecondary school had been sexually assaulted in the postsecondary setting in the preceding year—approximately 110,000 individual women students.
10 ideas to keep your business healthy!

10 ideas to keep your business healthy!

When was the last time you took the opportunity to evaluate and assess your business? What works, what doesn't? And what can you do for your team to foster an environment for success? Most companies will tell you that their fast pace or lack of allotted time to self-examine can leave these invaluable assessments last on the priority list. So Levvel has come up with a 10-point checklist.
10 ideas to build a people centric workplace.

10 ideas to help build a people-centric workplace.

Over the last year, businesses and organizations have either shifted or are planning to move into a hybrid workplace environment. Is your company going to be one of them? Here are 10 ideas adopted by employers to help build a people-centric workplace experience.

Let opportunity guide Change, NOT the Burning Platform.

For many years, change professionals (myself included) have used the analogy of the burning platform to create urgency behind change. The logic goes: if you create a place where no one wants to (or can) be anymore, there will be no choice but to change!