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Levveling up for equality podcastwith women in tech Blog post

Levveling-Up for equality- IWD 2020

It’s the day recognized globally that celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. March 8th is International Women’s Day, collectively founded by women, this day accelerates gender equality and women’s rights. At Levvel Inc., our founders Chantal…

Business transformation should focus on the Transformers Blog post

Business Transformation should focus on the Transformers.

The word transform is more often used to describe an intention to improve something. Using an approach that is extremely different from ‘how things are normally done’. So much of the time, when people think about transformation it’s viewed as…

How do you bring Business in Balance? Blog post

How do you bring “Business in Balance?”​

At Levvel, we’re often asked about our credo – Business in Balance, and what that means? Most of us try and strive for a balanced life, a work-life balance to support physical and mental health, be productive at work and…

Are Valentines appropriate for clients? Blog post

Are Valentines appropriate for clients?

I designed a cute little Valentines post for our clients. Yes, it’s a good marketing practice but then I stopped and asked myself – is sending love to our clients on Valentine’s day appropriate? We truly value our clients, customers,…

Survive or Thrive Blog post

Survive or Thrive?

Successful businesses have leaders who understand how to manage change, but the majority of people aren’t confident in their skills. Do you have what it takes? “It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive but those who…

Emotional phases of change Blog

The 7 Emotional Phases Employees Go Through During Change.

The idea of change can trigger an emotional response: feelings of personal loss, concerns about what will be required of them and their ability to meet those expectations, etc. Once these reactions start to appear among impacted people, what can…