Welcome to “On The Levvel” where our Business Experts engage in organic timely conversations with other fantastically brilliant Business Experts in various organizations and industries. Tune in to learn, be inspired, and garner insights from seasoned pro’s – an ‘Expert on Demand’ podcast! At Levvel we have a truly experienced leadership team with a non-traditional Business Model, living by our credo of bringing “#BusinessinBalance“. We believe that doing right for individuals that we help can work seamlessly to benefit the companies we serve, without conflict or compromise. And, we firmly believe that enabling positive change by offering sound advice can be balanced with listening to the words of others who know their business well so that values are never abandoned.

Listen to On the Levvel – Expert on Demand Eps 1: Why is Managing Change critical to success?

In this first episode of “On the Levvel”, Chantal Milloy and Sheila Fain talk about Change Management and how it’s often misunderstood. As experts in Managing Change, they’ll discuss what it takes to get results using a ‘Results Equation’. So, listen in for insights on how you identify the people in your organization most impacted, and mitigate risk.

Chantal Milloy

Co-founder, COO – Levvel

Sheila Fain

CEO, LaMarsh Global

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Watch On the Levvel – Expert on Demand Eps 1: Why is Managing Change critical to success?

Have you ever heard of the ‘Results Equation’? In this episode seasoned change experts, Chantal Milloy of Levvel in Canada, and Sheila Fain of LaMarsh Global in the US, explain Change Management. They’ll offer insights on a unique methodology used to ensure successful change…even during this time of uncertainty.

On the next – On the Levvel, Chantal and Sheila discuss the tools needed to be a Leader of Change? Do you have what it takes?
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