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Chantal Milloy

Chantal Milloy

Why an age-diverse workforce works.

Why an age-diverse workforce works Blog post

If you’re responsible for hiring in your small business, or a hiring manager in larger companies, diversity efforts tend to focus on gender and ethnicity. Generational diversity is an often-overlooked dynamic that can boost productivity, decrease turnover, and increase innovation.…

Creating Meaningful Mentorships.

No matter where you are in your professional career, whether that be as a recent grad starting your first gig, a dedicated employee who has been working at the same job for years, or you’re beginning a new chapter in your life as an entrepreneur; a mentor can make a valuable imprint on your career and life trajectory. It can open networks and opportunities beyond your immediate reach and can give you the tools and confidence to promote yourself and develop professionally.

How’s your EQ as you lead through change?

Emotional Intelligence and the importance in business Blog

In 2016, the World Economic Forum stated that by 2020 emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) would be an essential skill in the workforce. Seems pretty accurate. Today, we live through rapid change that requires a heightened need for leaders to…