The Organization

Canadian-based multi-national organization that supplies and markets fuel and petroleum products and has a large Canadian convenience-store presence.

The Project

Integration of IT systems as a result of an acquisition. Desired state was to integrate systems but also begin cultural integration of the two organizations.

Key Challenges
  • Acquisition was completed two years prior to the project. Since the acquisition there had been no changes to the organization, and those that continued to work in the acquired company were getting anxious.
  • The organization has a history of acquiring companies and “bolting them on” rather than integrating them.
  • Leaders had never been expected to hold their people accountable.
  • Real “us” vs “them” thinking.
  • Customer information and databases were not shared (and would not be as a result of the project) so – in the eyes of many impacted people – efficiencies would not be gained.
Our Approach
  • Educate IT and business leaders throughout the organization regarding their role and responsibilities in leading the change.
    • Held Leader as Sponsor training session.
    • Worked with key leaders to ensure messaging to affected groups was accurate and timely.
    • Created tactical leadership support toolkit.
  • Partner with Program Manager to ensure change plans were integrated into the program plan.
    • Regular communication with Program Manager through formalized team meetings and informal communication
  • Develop “change agent network” comprised of leaders directly impacted by the change to support feedback loops and consistent communication.
    • Supported a dual function of also helping leaders upskill to be good leaders of change.
    • Provided a forum for “acquirer” and “acquiree” to get to know one another and develop relationships.
    • Allowed for real-time communication and feedback, resulting in an iterative approach to communications.
Key Outcomes


Developed key leaders into “leaders of change” to support upcoming projects and initiatives.


Brought various business units together that had never worked together before, fostering new partnerships.


Partnered with Program Manager to ensure change management plans were incorporated into program plan.


Incorporated feedback from affected groups into decision-making.


Designed and implemented a communication and feedback mechanism to ensure seamless communication.


Developed a toolkit and held “Leader as Sponsor” workshops to support leaders in becoming good leaders of change.


Change Effectiveness Score of 72% (very good) achieved.

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