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Neurodiverse workforce

Are you including Neurodiversity in your DEI conversations?

The challenge in including neurodiverse individuals in the workplace is often a lack of awareness and inclusive infrastructure. James Townend, an ASD corporate trainer that lives the experience himself, recounts: "…neurotypicals like things in a box, or template, as it is easier to understand. When you go out of the box, that brings discomfort. I bring my diagnosis up as I want to be honest and because I am proud of who I am. But are others as accepting?"
10 ideas to keep your business healthy!

10 ideas to keep your business healthy!

When was the last time you took the opportunity to evaluate and assess your business? What works, what doesn't? And what can you do for your team to foster an environment for success? Most companies will tell you that their fast pace or lack of allotted time to self-examine can leave these invaluable assessments last on the priority list. So Levvel has come up with a 10-point checklist.