Successful businesses have leaders who understand how to manage change, but the majority of people aren’t confident in their skills.

Do you have what it takes?

“It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change”.

Charles Darwin

When was the last time your organization went through a change? Major changes often come to mind first – mergers, organizational restructuring, core software upgrades or business transformation efforts. These changes can have radical impacts on employees and businesses, so they are often top of mind.

However, meaningful change doesn’t always need to be built around large initiatives. Smaller and more discrete changes – from expanding a service to setting strategic goals for your team – may not seem radical, but they are a key in shifting direction of culture in world-class businesses and organizations.

While most of us understand that evolution (both personally and in business) is an important part of life, change can be daunting, making it easy to put off. If you find yourself recognizing that your organization requires change, but are paralyzed with determining the scope, where to start or what sequence makes the most sense, it may be worth bringing in outside help or seeking training to assist with the process.

Most major urban centers offer a range of Change Management companies, practitioners or workshops that can provide meaningful direction and assistance.

Sustainable Change

When selecting a practitioner ask yourself if they are looking to become a constant resource required within your organization or if the strategy provided or training offered, provides practical sustainable tactics to apply yourself. Theories of change are useless unless skillfully applied at every turn. Even though the greatest impact of a cohesive change plan is up to the people behind the change, technology and big data are playing an increasingly large role in change management. Not only to understand what is required but to determine what the return of investment will be.

Yes Change is Measurable

An experienced eye can help you avoid costly missteps. The secret is in identifying which initiatives will produce the largest benefit or can be most easily executed, and how to best sequence the changes for maximum impact. Being able to prove to other leaders within the organization and key stakeholders measurable results, will make change engagement easier to pitch when budget considerations are in play and be able to show results of your efforts which makes change a tangible positive outcome employees can embrace. Make sure your Change Management practitioner can provide this.

Industry leaders have been helping organizations and individuals world-wide to create meaningful change since the 1980’s. And change evolves – Even how we change is changing:

  • Changes are more complex
  • Instead of discrete or linear, changes are ongoing and systemic
  • Multiple changes happening at the same time is the new norm

As the pace and magnitude of change increases within the workplace, developing a culture of change and having strong Change Leaders within an organization is critical.

If your organization would benefit from change, or you’re interested in becoming a Change Leader within your organization, it may be worth reaching out to experts within your local market, to see what assistance and learning opportunities exist.

“Only 40% of respondents* believe they have the right skills in place to successfully manage change projects in the future.”

* IBM Making Change Work Study 2014

Levvel’s Balanced Change™ Certification program brings a unique methodology and toolkit to their clients like Shaw Communications and Westjet. This methodology is now being offered to change professionals – individuals and corporate change teams. Graduates become leaders of change within organizations, which become key differentiators in employability and advancement. Ongoing support, post program, is provided to ensure the information is absorbed, and to transition the theories to practical application.

Learn more about the Balanced Change™ Certification program. Program run in-person or virtual all year.

~Cherene Kambeitz – Marketing & Communications Director, Levvel Inc.