balanced changeTM

A unique approach to leading
organizational change.

At Levvel, when we think of managing change we get excited, but understand that not everyone does…
or at least not yet!

We have our very own special program called Balanced Change™ that is designed for individuals involved in managing organizational change. Understanding that change is an integral part of any business in this competitive fast-paced landscape, our goal is to help you master the skills required to lead people successfully through change.

Whether you’re involved with tackling a major business transformation, an acquisition, or a process change, this program will equip you with the skills to identify, minimize, and handle change-related risks effectively.

What sets Balanced Change™ apart is its unique approach that puts people at the centre of change. By joining us and becoming a Certified Balanced Change™ Professional (CBCP), you’ll gain valuable insights and expertise in navigating transformative journeys.

Yes, change is a constant and as a change professional your enriched skills both personally and professionally, are valuable during significant organizational changes like mergers, acquisitions, or reorganizations.

Balanced Change Certification Program
Qualified Education Provider (QEP) with ACMP

Whether virtual or in person, Levvel commits to our people-first approach in all we do. Honouring the values and culture through a differentiated community of trust that connects, listens, inspires, and supports.

Change Professionals

  • Competently utilize foundational language, thinking and mindset to approach change in a balanced way within your work
  • Confidently lead, manage, and measure change and change teams
  • Increased relevancy in the marketplace for career growth
  • Personal access to tools and templates – everything you need to successfully manage a change
  • Increase career growth and skills


  • Align change efforts with the organizations unique culture and values
  • Create a culture that embraces change for greater acceptance and smoother implementation
  • Retain knowledge and expertise to support sustainable change within the organization
  • Cost-effectively manage change initiatives efficiently within the organization

What to Expect

  • The 2 day in-person sessions take place n Calgary, Alberta at the historic Ranchmen’s Club, light breakfast and lunch included
  • Virtual 2 day session will be facilitated via Microsoft TEAMs
  • Facilitated by seasoned professional change experts ingrained in the Balanced Change approach and experienced in supporting any organizational change initiative
  • Upon completion of the program, participants will receive the professional designation – Certified Balanced Change™ Professional (CBCP)
  • Recognized as a qualified education provider through ACMP
  • 16 hours of PDU’s (Professional Development Units) garnered

Program Outcomes

  • Develop a working knowledge of the Levvel Balanced Change™ approach
  • Identify the potential organizational and individual concerns that will impact the success of a change
  • Define the impact of organizational culture and history on successful implementations
  • Design, build, & implement an initial change strategy and plan
  • Discover ways to assess and enhance the skills of people charged with making changes happen, such as leaders who serve as Sponsors
  • Design communication, learning, reinforcement, and leadership support action plans that address stakeholder concerns and appropriately modify behaviour
  • Develop a plan to monitor adoption results to make sure that desired business outcomes are satisfied
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively apply the Levvel Balanced Change™ approach


When you enroll in the Balanced Change program, you’ll embark on a valuable learning journey in organizational change management (OCM). You’ll acquire in-depth knowledge of change capability, enabling you to effectively navigate and lead change initiatives.


You’ll not only gain knowledge and skills to initiate or expand your OCM expertise, but also discover practical tools and techniques that you can implement immediately into your everyday work, while encouraging and modelling a positive change mindset.


When you invest in yourself you grow your potential. Fostering life-long learning ensures you stay relevant in the ever-evolving field of change management, enhancing your career prospects.

Certified Balanced Change™ Professional Advantage

Enhanced Expertise in Change

A Certified Balanced Change™ Professional (CBCP) signifies that you possess a high level of expertise in the field of change management. With comprehensive knowledge and skills to navigate complex change initiatives with confidence and efficiency.

Unique Approach to Change

This distinctive approach goes beyond conventional methods, providing you with innovative strategies and techniques to drive successful change initiatives. As a CBCP, you will have a competitive edge by leveraging this specialized methodology.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Designed specifically for change professionals. This toolkit includes a range of resources, frameworks, and best practices that you can utilize to effectively lead, manage, measure, and sustain change initiatives. With access to this valuable toolkit, you will be well-equipped to handle various challenges and drive positive outcomes.

Industry Recognition

A change professional designation is respected by employers, clients, and colleagues. Acknowledging the expertise and credibility enhances your professional reputation and opens up new opportunities for career advancement and growth.

Strategic Change

Offering expert guidance and support in navigating complex transformations within an organization. Devise effective strategies, anticipate potential challenges, and implement practical solutions to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Integrated Change

Project managers and teams responsible for managing and implementing organizational changes acquire skills to foster a culture of adaptability, identifying and addressing potential challenges during the change process, cultivating effective communication and collaboration within teams, and developing strategies to ensure successful adoption of new initiatives.

Measurable Change

Valuable indicators about the effectiveness and success of any implemented change. Track and measure the impact of change efforts by monitoring data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that the desired outcomes of the change initiative are achieved.

Are you right for this program?

  • You’re the designated change leader within your organization and would like to feel more equipped to empower your teams, leaders and change networks
  • You’re a seasoned professional change practitioner and would love to elevate your learning/ expand your toolkit with the Balanced ChangeTM approach
  • You’ve worked in the project management space and would like to expand your professional skills into the change management and leadership space 
  • You’ve been an unofficial change leader and would like to gain some official change training
Are you ready to take things to the next level?