At Levvel, we’re often asked about our credo – Business in Balance, and what that means? Most of us try and strive for a balanced life, a work-life balance to support physical and mental health, be productive at work and present and available for friends and family; but how does balance translate into the workplace with clients?

Our organization was founded by two like-minded people with a vast amount of experience and a singular vision –

Help businesses find the balance they need to succeed. From there we have grown into a diverse team that balances integrity with compassion to create success for everyone.

We start from a very basic premise — to do things right in business we need to operate in a very logical, balanced way. It goes to the very nature of who we are and our belief that balance will bring both focus and strength to clients’ companies too.

The first step towards finding balance is to understand what is currently being done and determine how to create a harmonious solution. That’s why we begin with an assessment of your current environments, processes, and personnel to determine the best structure moving forward. Once that is established, we move to the next level.

We focus on key points in your business to help you create balance, including Organizational Change, Talent, and Learning programs. By applying our expertise in these areas to your organization, we provide a smooth path forward and help you maximize the efficiency of your enterprise. Our expertise and strategies allow you to focus on your core business while we reinforce your stability and enhance your growth.

A balanced approach includes stability and flexibility. It means finding the right people, realizing the potential of your business, and achieving a harmonious and smooth running entity. Because the success of your business is the success of Levvel.

Balance. That place where stability and growth are in harmony, where all is right. Even our name is in balance – Levvel is a palindrome, meaning it spells the same forwards and backwards.

With support from Levvel , you too can bring Business in Balance to your organization, it’s the philosophy we live by. Are you ready to take things to the next level?

~Cherene Kambeitz – Marketing & Communications Director, Levvel Inc. Reach out to