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Listen to On the Levvel – Expert on Demand Eps 5: How Rwandan Women in Tech are leading the way!

In this episode, we virtually travel across the globe to Rwanda where Dan Munkittrick of Levvel in Canada and Isabelle Bucyeyenza (Booch-Eh-Ya-Ney-Za) of Muraho Technology in Kigali Rwanda, discuss how a historically male-dominated industry, is really well suited for women. As a successful scrum master in Software QA Testing, Isabelle believes that women shine in the field of testing because of their attention to detail, and commitment to caring for the customer and one another. Isabelle’s goal is to not only deliver exceptional work but to be a role model and mentor to the next generation of girls in Rwanda who she believes, because they are girls, have the genetic demeanor to be leaders in Software Testing. As a self-proclaimed ‘daddy’s girl’ our intelligent, enlightened, educated, and empowered guest is a humble leader in tech Listen in as Isabelle joins On the Levvel from the ‘new Rwanda’.

Dan Munkittrick

VP Business Development, Canada East – Levvel

Isabelle Bucyeyenza

Scrum Master & Project Manager – Muraho Technology

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Watch On the Levvel – Expert on Demand Eps 5: How Rwandan Women in Tech are leading the way!

When you think of Rwanda you typically don’t associate technology with the African country. However, the ‘new Rwanda’ is emerging and the knowledge, expertise, and drive to succeed in a digital world is being fostered. Levvel’s sister company, Muraho Technology in Kigali Rwanda is at the forefront. Not only educating in Software Quality Assurance Testing, but doing so to advance women in tech. In this episode we virtually travel across the globe to Rwanda where Dan Munkittrick of Levvel in Canada, speaks to Scrum Master Isabelle Bucyeyenza (Booch-Eh-Ya-Ney-Za) about her thoughts on why women are so well suited for testing. Take a listen as Isabelle speaks from the ‘new Rwanda’…

Coming up on the next -On the Levvel, Dan speaks with testing expert, author, trainer, and Quality Assurance advocate of 30 plus years Randall Rice of Rice Consulting. As an integral part of the certification process that the Rwandan women in technology go through, Randall talks about his experience while leading these dedicated women, and how the co-sourcing model brings project success to north American clients. Thanks for listening and click subscribe on Spotify or Apple Podcasts so you don’t miss the next episode of “On the Levvel”.

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