balanced changeTM

Balanced ChangeTM
Professional Certification

Become a Certified Balanced Change™ Professional (CBCP)

Balanced Change™ Certification

In this program you will experience Levvels unique DNA & Discover the Exclusive Balanced Change™ approach and toolkit first-hand that will propel your knowledge to support organizational change at any level.

This certification program includes:

  • 4 1/2 day workshop sessions in person or virtual
  • personal coaching sessions providing customized support

Total commitment time: 15 hours

Virtual Workshop 2:

Return to Work Plan

There’s one question on everyone’s mind right now. What is the plan as we begin to return to work? Your organization likely has a phased approach for bringing employees back to the office safely, but are you prepared to manage the fears and emotions of your team that come with it? In this workshop, leaders will learn how to define success in the return to work from a people perspective and manage risk along the way. Participants will learn factors that make for successful change, assess risk against them, and build a change plan tailored to their needs.

This workshop is broken into components:

  • 2 virtual workshop sessions that support leaders in their learning journey and provide the tools to define a solid change plan
  • 1 personal coaching session providing customized 1-on-1 support

Total commitment time: 5 hours

Balanced Change™ Professional Certification for your internal teams

If you are a leader accountable for the change function or a leader/employee responsible for managing change within your organization, Levvel offers a Balanced Change™ Certification Program that can be run on client site. Our certification program qualify for provincial job grants, allowing you to re-coup up to two-thirds of the cost.

Custom Solutions for Organizations

Learn how Levvel can help you manage change through custom solutions.

Learn. Experience. Manage.

The most effective and memorable way to learn how to manage change is to experience it. Our workshops & training programs find the balance between taking what you already know from your years of experience, and teaching you new skills you need to effectively manage change. With this approach we can show you how to best put these combined skills to use.

We do this by having your current change needs as our focus, working through the problem together to find the best path forward. In the end, you’ll walk away from your experience with a clear idea of where to start in your business.

Are you ready to take things to the next level?