The world messages for 2020 were stay home, stay safe, isolate, support local, teach your kids from home, protect the elderly, wear a mask, and sanitize as we’re in this together. With the end of 2020 around the corner, most of us are looking to the new year with the hopes of a brighter horizon. Levvel, as with most businesses, experienced new challenges never seen before. The world watched as a global pandemic swept through country after country, affecting the lives of everyone. Together, we learned how to navigate these rapid changes; now, as we look back, we can’t help but feel truly grateful for our incredible team and all they’ve accomplished.

In 2020, we added 10 new enterprise sized customers and our goals of expansion took root in opening our offices in Ottawa and Toronto. This extended our services to eastern Canada and we welcomed our first Quebec customers with engagements in Software QA Testing with sister company Muraho Technology in Rwanda. Signs of changing times began to show in early 2020, and the impacts of Covid-19 were undeniable.

As Levvelers, we are strong, and we have an amazing team. Our team was intent on riding through the storm together and we were intent on keeping the team whole through the pandemic. Everyone just rolled up their sleeves and did what was required, no questions asked.

Brian & Chantal Milloy

Levvel has always been a work from home organization, it is a core part of our business model. With our combined experience in leading and managing remote workforces and change, we quickly pivoted to support our customers in their shift to remote work, by offering virtual workshops to help them through their journey. In addition, we expanded our Staffing Solutions services beyond IT to include Technology, Corporate, and Executive placements as well as Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

As we continued to move forward through 2020, we made sure to keep our office culture alive and well. Our team came together while apart to share in virtual events such as this year’s Calgary Stampede office party, and our annual subcontractor appreciation party, sending Skip the dishes orders to each Levveler that has been part of our success. As some restrictions lifted here in Alberta over the summer, we were able to socially distance while rallying up for a great cause with our 8th annual Rally in the Rockies car event supporting the Calgary Distress Centre.

With exceptional pride and honour, Levvel took its place on the Canadian Business Startup List for 2020. Produced by Canada’s premier business and current affairs media magazine, The Growth List ranks Canadian businesses on a five-year revenue growth. Levvel made the 2020 StartUp List with a two-year revenue growth of nearly 300% and were featured in the December 2020 edition of MacLeans Magazine.

Needless to say, there were (and are) plenty of long days and lots of bumps on the road, but perseverance and belief in our people-focus business philosophy continues to be our guiding light for success (and prayer… did I mention prayer?)”

Brian Milloy

This achievement was only possible due to our hardworking team that has tirelessly worked throughout this year; their dedication and persistence have not gone unnoticed!

Branching out, Levvel has made remarkable progress in creating global market partnerships with UK company Capita and their 911eye/ResponsEye products. Innovation and a people-first mindset are at the forefront of these partnerships allowing us to bring incredible technologies for many other organizations to utilize.

Bringing innovative technology to Canada and the world is at the centre of our expansion plans for 2021.

Chantal Milloy

A partnership closer to home made quite the medical mark. Levvel’s affiliation with Calgary-based medical research company CardiAi, headed by the Cardiologist, Medical Director, and Founder of CardiAi and CoviLampTM – Dr. Anmol Kapoor, was announced in November of 2020. Dr. Kapoor and his team have developed a rapid Covid-19 testing system currently awaiting approval by the FDA.

This medical innovation is the most versatile test in the world. With just a simple saliva or nasal sample it offers quick results by looking at the change in color and is performed without costly lab equipment. This lamp testing process is truly rapid, offering results in less than 30 minutes, not days!⁠ CoviLampTM can be used for asymptomatic, mild, moderate, or severe COVID-19 infection detection.

Levvel is proud to partner with such an innovative Canadian company whose interest in the implementation of life-changing testing expands beyond national borders. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀

Use of such a test could be crucial to economic recovery worldwide.” Dr. Kapoor states, “In terms of its worldwide use, the assay requires little infrastructure and is relatively low cost making it a feasible option for widespread testing in low-to middle-income countries.”⁠⠀

Looking ahead, Levvel is more focused than ever on its plans for expansion. Growth among local and international markets allows us to partner with like-minded companies in industries and geographies we once dreamed of entering 5 years ago. To our team, thank you, we celebrate your undeniable support and to our customers and partners, we look forward to the economic resurgence and Business in Balance in 2021!

~Cherene Kambeitz- Marketing & Communications Director, Levvel Inc.

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