The Organization

Multi-country rail transportation company.

The Project

Engage services for Organizational Change Management. Required support for a very large multi-country acquisition.

Key Challenges
  • Neither of the organizations had internal Change support that would have the skills, tools, and knowledge to support a multifaceted, multi-org initiative.
  • Various change implementations: People, process, technology
  • Leadership teams in various locations.
  • Did not have the tools or internal capabilities required to assess the risks associated with the acquisition.
  • While HR department is expanding to accommodate and support the growth, it is still in the early stages of maturity relative to handling this volume of recruitment and related organizational change.
  • Any Organizational Change Management efforts that currently exist are project based only.
Our Approach
  • Engaging dedicated Change experts
  • Executed an in-depth Risk Assessment, completed a stakeholder assessment, developing a change roadmap and change management plan.
  • Engaged and included key leaders as “Leader as Sponsor of Change” through workshops, one-on-ones, and on-going communications.
  • Pair up the Project Managers, Change leaders and IMO Champions to have a leader led change model.
  • Aligned to the Desired State and ensured people risk was continually being discussed and mitigated.
Key Outcomes




Development of Desired State “goal posts” for future phases of implementation.


Toolkit and practical skills to help them lead their people through the ERP change.


Addition of change support for the roll-out of a Contract Management System due to success in ERP support.

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