We have a new friend from Overseas – Bringing innovative life-saving technology for Canadians!

Thanks to technology, the world is getting smaller, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the news of our global partnership with Capita.

Capita is a UK company offering state of the art technologies in their live streaming services ResponsEye and 911eye. These innovative cloud-based services are providing field workers, emergency services, and other organizations with the secure live footage they need in real-time and enables them too:

  • Problem solve in real-time
  • Deploy resources only when necessary
  • Minimize risk to first responders, staff, and citizens
  • Maintain engagement and trust

The ResponsEye System was designed around three main components Insight, Response, and Service for public and private organizations.

ResponsEye offers instant live footage from the callers’ phone without the need for a downloaded app. This live footage gives insight for the Call Handler or service provider, allowing them to assess the situation and respond accordingly, all in real-time. This invaluable footage also supports service providers with the needed information to extend follow-up care to deliver exceptional customer service.

ResponsEye, is an ideal solution for assisting field workers sent in response to a variety of scenarios were reliable, and often crucial surveillance is needed. The live stream is secure and will maintain voice contact with the caller. At the same time, imagines are being transmitted to the Call Handler, allowing them to access information such as GPS locations, assessment of the situation, and how to provide aid effectively. This often-critical media can be immediately shared with others, and is stored for future reference on the ResponsEye platform for follow. It’s important to note, is that none of the footage is stored on the callers’ device.

For any industry that holds an element of incident management, the ResponsEye platform provides a live, real-time solution for their clients. This cutting-edge technology is creating a ripple in industries such as Oil & Gas, Engineering & Procurement, Construction, Telco, Utility, Pipeline, Call Centres, Housing Agencies, Insurance, City Bylaw, Building Inspection, and more.

A picture is worh 1000 words. Insight – Response – Safety

As we know, public safety is of utmost importance around the world, and right now, distance technology is a must. Like the adage -a picture is worth 1000 words – 911eye visual intelligence helps to supplement the audio information being given by a callers’ smartphone without the need of an app. While sharing the same features as ResponsEye, 911eye allows the Emergency Operator or Public Safety Dispatcher to simply text or email the caller, and the live video stream is enabled.

Now the operator can know fundamental details such as the exact location, the seriousness of the scene, and what resources need to be deployed. This live footage can be shared with first responders to ensure the safety of themselves and the public. They can understand the full scope of the scene, giving them the needed information to operate safely and potentially collect evidence as the incident unfolds.

As police and fire emergency services in both the federal and municipal locations begin to turn their attention to visual technologies, other organizations cannot help but notice their invaluable features. Those involved in sectors such as private county police, physical security organizations, and post-secondary security are all understanding the benefits of this modern resource.

In a 2018 case study between 911eye and the South River Police Department of New Jersey, Lt. John J. McKenna says, Since we started using 911eye we have received positive feedback from our citizens through Facebook, the news media and at our Council meetings. We are delighted to have added this innovative tool to the systems that our dispatchers already use. We are encouraging them to ‘think outside the box’ and make use of it as often as possible while ensuring the safety of the caller at all times”.

Within this partnership, Levvel is now working as Capita’s preferred partner in Canada for this game-changing innovation. Levvel is truly excited to show their clients how ResponsEye and 911eye can revolutionize their practices and create a safer experience for emergency services, first responders, and field workers.

“We are excited to be Capita’s preferred partner in Canada for the 911eye and ResponsEye Products. There’s no question that the pandemic has amplified the need for Levvel to pursue global diversification. Partnering with UK based Capita allows us to bring innovative streaming solutions to Canadian first responders and field service organizations. This will streamline processes that deliver crucial and timely information to dispatch centres.”

Brian Milloy Co-founder, President & CEO Levvel Inc.

Both being rooted in common values such as exceptional services and a people-first mentality, Levvel and Capita are aligned in global initiatives that offer remarkable solutions to businesses in all sectors. We are looking forward to working with our Canadian clients to implement these game-changing services.

~Cherene Kambeitz- Marketing & Communications Director, Levvel Inc.

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