I designed a cute little Valentines post for our clients. Yes, it’s a good marketing practice but then I stopped and asked myself – is sending love to our clients on Valentine’s day appropriate?

We truly value our clients, customers, and staff, after all, we wouldn’t be successful without their trust in our great work. At Levvel we live by our credo “Business in Balance’ which includes integrity, harmony, innovation, creativity and responsiveness to our clients’ needs. So, we do really really care about them, we support their efforts fully and typically go above and beyond to meet their needs. It’s a partnership, a coupling of like minds to meet a common goal to succeed together for the good of others. It sounds like a pretty solid relationship I’d say.

When I asked my 12-year-old daughter if she thought it was appropriate to send clients Valentines wishes she thought it was a weird question. Her response was, “of course, because they matter to you, it’s being nice, sharing the spirit of the day, and showing them you care about them.” It’s as simple as that!

We do appreciate all our clients, sharing the spirit of the day is a good reminder of our relationships, and hey, we are nice!**

Happy Valentines Day to all our valued clients. You matter to us today and every day.

~Cherene Kambeitz- Marketing & Communications Director, Levvel Inc.

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