The Organization

Canadian-based global airline experiencing rapid growth and expansion.

The Project

Develop internal change capability by building a trained Change Agent network, Creating a Change Office, embedding Change Leadership competencies at every level and working with internal governance structures to ensure Change Management has a seat at the table and People Risk is being surfaced and mitigated.

Key Challenges
  • Organization did not have mature governance structures to integrate with easily.
  • Cowboy culture – projects were completed quickly without a lot of “red tape”. Change Management was initially seen as “slowing them down”.
  • Belief that culture conquers all – people will adopt any change because they love our compnany.
  • Leadership was overwhelmed and quite often inaccessible, leading to a strong tendency to delegate leadership authority down.
Our Approach
  • Partner with internal sponsor and train a few key “change ninjas” to build a small group internally with Change Management skill.
  • Develop a Desired State roadmap for organizational change capability with “change ninja” group.
  • Support an initial project/program to prove out the methodology.
  • Work with key HR sponsors and leaders to determine potential “change agents” that represent all areas of the organization.
  • Train initial change agents using a specific project to ensure immediate application of methodology.
  • Build Change Office slowly, beginning with one key individual who would later lead the team.
Key Outcomes


Development of organization-wide change agent network representative of all departments.


Development of Change Center of Excellence staffed with internal experts skilled at triage and central change service.


Development of processes for engaging Change resources and ensuring Change Management conversations are part of every project.


Integration of Change Management leadership training with existing leadership training modules.


Licensing and branding of our change management methodology as their own to reflect company culture.

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