Find stability in change.

Find Stability in Change with Levvel Change Consulting.  We set a plan, support organizations through large and small changes and transformations, and build internal capability for your own people to manage change with proven tools.

You are the expert of your business. But managing your business while also facing the inevitability of change is a whole other thing. That’s where experienced change consulting comes in. We help you find balance between your role as business leader and your role as sponsor of change with your people.

It’s the ‘C’ in our TLC.

  • Managing change is a process in which we identify, prioritize, and mitigate issues and concerns (risk) that come from those impacted by the change.
  • Using our Balanced Change™ approach and toolkit, our strategies are rooted in partnership and collaboration with internal teams, throughout the transformation journey.

Managed Service

A flexible and collaborative approach that blends the internal knowledge of your sponsors, leaders, and change teams with Levvel’s expertise in managing change. Our experienced Change Consultants and Advisors provide change support for in-flight projects while coaching and co-leading with your internal teams to build their skills.

A La Carte

We know that one size does not fit all; what works for one group may not work for another. So, we customize change plans that address the unique needs of those impacted.

Equip & Enable

We help you develop a well-defined internal change system that ensures on-going change capability and maturity. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have the skills you need to take the wheel, and for us to walk away.

Levvel's Balanced Change Management Expertise. Delivery drivers in Organizational Change Management.
Change Risk Assessment

Get ahead of adoption challenges

It is possible to achieve successful change adoption, you just need to know where to look. Levvel’s Change Risk Assessment helps you identify adoption risk in your change, as well as systemic leadership or organizational issues that may get in your way.

Using our proven adoption drivers, we will provide you with a picture of what makes change successful, and where you have adoption risk. We then customize a plan for risk mitigation.

What we do

Balanced Change™, expertly applied.

Levvel’s Balanced Change™ approach goes far beyond the usual process. We help you identify and execute a clear path forward, while training your team to smoothly manage change. You’ll walk away from your experience with a clear idea of where to start in your business, and change becomes a competitive advantage and core competency in your organization.

An approach, method, and toolkit that is flexible, customizable, promotes partnership, and elevates the voice of people through actions. Balanced Change™ supports organizational planning and growth with the potential to develop internal capability that’s available anywhere in the world.

Our Foundation.

  • A Levvel curated Change model and practice that honours the evolution of change and advances the historical legacy as a platform to lead, manage, and measure engagement.
  • A research-based model with a human-centred approach that continues to be rooted in people risk and measurement to accelerate adoption.
  • A Change professional program that is user-friendly and has tools and material to leverage insights and learnings in an easy to access system that eliminates redundancies.

Certified Balanced Change™ Professional (CBCP) designation for your internal teams.

If you are a leader accountable for the change function or a leader/employee responsible for managing change within your organization, Levvel offers Balanced Change™ Certification Programs that can be run on client site. Our certification programs may qualify for provincial job grants, allowing you to re-coup up to two-thirds of the cost.

Are you ready to take things to the next level?