We listened. They spoke.

“Levvel provides us with people that not only meet the functional and technical requirements of the roles we seek but also our specific cultural nuances as well. We don’t have time to sift through a mountain of resumes for the best candidate so having someone we trust do this for us has saved us a lot of time and money.”

CIO, Telecommunications Company

“Our organization Global Excel, engaged Levvel’s Software QA Testing  for a small software application project that required a quick turn-around.  Not only did they deliver to our deadline, the process was transparent, the work scalable, and the outcome exceptional.  With clients worldwide we appreciate the value this global initiative offers.  It creates  meaningful employment and livelihoods in Rwanda , not to mention the “Phenomenal Quality of work” being delivered through Muraho and Levvel.”


“Competitors were selling us a product, but with Levvel, I knew I was getting a partner. Levvel was helping us beyond training and were in it for our growth. They were willing to work with our budget, and be a real partner. Competitors were more rigid – selling training or a tool. Levvel ensures we are well equipped to carry on after the training and we can brand the program as our own.”


energy services

“Field Safe Solutions is a rapidly growing Software as a Service (SaaS) company and in preparation for a planned SOC2 audit, we engaged the experts at Levvel to assess the audit readiness of our integration and software system testing. In just 4 weeks and with no interruption to our fast-paced operations, Levvel gave us a practical and actionable SOC2 readiness assessment along with recommendations, action plans and roadmaps we could immediately use. The quality and value of the Levvel deliverables exceeded our high expectations. The outcome was an exceptionally successful SOC2 audit. The auditors reported that Field Safe is one of the best companies they have seen from a SOC2 compliance perspective. Going forward, we will utilize Levvel’s recommendations and roadmaps to make our testing even better.”

Director of Operations, FIELD SAFE SOLUTIONS

“I personally appreciate the monthly touch points to ensure a 2-way feedback so both companies have an opportunity to execute continuous improvement. They are responsive and flexible and their focus on quality is evident in the candidates that are provided to us. We also appreciate the flexibility to hire the subcontracted candidates at no additional cost should we choose to do so…and we have.”

Director, IT, transportation Company

“The Levvel team and our team worked great together. Great experience. They were energetic open, honest, hardworking and respectful. They had a get-it-done attitude with proactive problem solving as our demands evolved and were flexible addressing out of scope work. They quickly picked up our business and understood our aggressive timeline. The different time zone was not a problem and staff being bilingual was valuable for our Quebec merger.”

Director, IT,


“After going from one company to another we found Levvel. We appreciated the quick learning of our company and our objectives and they didn’t try to take over the project. They asked us “What do you need” then provided guidance in a positive perspective.”

director, it,


“Levvel was highly responsive. They’ve taken the time to understand our organization and the quirky nuances. Beyond their experience they offer personal touch. There’s times where they’ve said they don’t have the right candidate for me, which I really respect because competitors would just try to place anyone to make money.”

Senior Manager, IT,
Global Fertilizer Company

“What I like is it feels more personal, feels like they’re more personally vested. There is flexibility with policies like non-compete clauses so we can turn contract into full time employees. I was shocked when Levvel told me 100% of rate increase at renewal, of one of my resources, would be passed along to that person. That says a lot about how they value their people.”

Senior Manager, IT, Global Fertilizer Company

“You can depend on them, they’ll get you to the finish line and find the right skilled people.”

Senior Manager,
Global Fertilizer Company
Manager, IT,
Telecommunications Company

“You got to try them. They are on the ball! Great candidates, reasonable rates and amazing after support.”

Senior Project Manager,
Global Fertilizer Company

“Levvel differentiates themselves from other staffing firms because they have a different model of hiring candidates. They make sure candidates are meticulously vetted before placing in their network. This mitigates the risk for us. We have never had a bad experience with a candidate.”

“The Levvel team have been awesome. We had a tight timeline and they were happy to ramp up with their sister company Muraho, and work with us during site creation. As we completed pages they were testing which allowed us to achieve our launch date. The reports were clear and their recommendations were very welcomed. Becky and the Rwandan team made us look good!”

Senior Digital Designer,

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