Levvel values equality, diversity and inclusion. A people-first organization

Software Testing

ISTQB® Certified Indigenous graduates, ready to hire.

Change Solutions

people trained by Levvel to Manage, Lead and Measure Change.

talent Solutions

enterprise size clients who trust Levvel for their Staffing.

We think things don’t have to be “either/or.” We operate from a mindset that focuses on stability and yet growth – that you don’t have to compromise people to be profitable. We know that being intuitive and analytical isn’t in conflict. And with such a varied offering, we still align all of our expertise, so they complement and connect. So, whether you engage all of our services or just one, it works exceptionally well — in sync, in harmony and in alignment, with each other and with you.

We’re here to bring you to new heights. We’re Levvel.

Bringing Business in Balance is the Levvel mantra.

How we take you to the next level.

Talent Solutions

Great people, great fit and great value without compromise to candidates and companies.

Change Solutions

Learn to manage, lead and measure change with an approach that is trusted worldwide.


A software testing work readiness and employment program for Indigenous talent.

Business Solutions

Expert guidance for organizational leaders in operations, performance and high-level strategy.

Who we love working with.

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