Enables the public to live stream directly to Communications Centres.

This innovative live-video feed helps optimize response time, maximize efficiency of operations, and promote the health and safety of first responders and the public. 911eye technology is widely used in the US and UK, revolutionizing safety agencies.


Situational awareness for emergency services

Public safety and emergency service centres are constantly under time pressure to question 911 callers to ascertain what is wrong, where they are, who they are and who is in danger in order to dispatch the right resources.

911eye live footage offers instant ‘on scene eyes’ to the call centre providing immediate INSIGHT which helps them to assess the scenario and, with caller’s location visible, to better select the appropriate RESPONSE to the incident – either as a ‘real-time’, immediate response or for a ‘slow-time’, non-emergency follow up – while at all times considering the SAFETY of first responders and the public.

Incident Information for first responders

911eye live footage can also provide invaluable additional information to first responders who have been mobilized to the incident. Visual intelligence supplements the audio information obtained from the voice call and provides enhanced INSIGHT to the first responders helping them to deliver the appropriate RESPONSE. All the media is recorded securely as potential evidence for further investigation, cataloged for training or FAQ’s, or archived for reference. The service is securely hosted and scalable for use in any organization.

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How it works

911eye does not require anyone to download and install an app. Instead it works via SMS text message or email. The call taker simply sends a text or an email to the smartphone of the caller. By clicking on the URL link contained within the text message or email, a secure ‘one-time-use’ live video stream is enabled. The stream allows the 911 call taker to see the incident, assess how serious it is and decide what and how many resources to deploy. The caller’s location is provided via GPS coordinates, which are both automatically plotted on an on-screen map and dynamically refreshed, providing visible, real-time updates to their position, even if they are moving.

With the latest updates the call taker is able to review multiple incoming streams from different callers in one session to provide even better situational awareness. These streams can also be shared with colleagues and/or supervisors to further support decision making and streamed live to first responders in the field to give them eyes on an incident before arriving at the scene, aiding a swift response.

Importantly, no footage is stored on the user’s device. And if the caller has a poor signal, or the device doesn’t support video, they can opt to send still photo images instead.

When integrated into an agency’s Communications Center, the video captured by 911eye is stored in a Canadian cloud-hosted service and can be downloaded in order to secure crucial evidence to review, share or archive.

Public safety is of paramount importance, so 911eye should be used at the discretion of emergency services, based upon authorized operating procedures, to ensure that members of the public are not placed at any risk when using the service.

System Features

• No app required – works on any smart device and operating system.

• Secure, one-time-use link sent by SMS or email.

Real-time live video stream viewable by call handler and shared with supervisors as appropriate.

• Maintains voice contact with caller while images are transmitted.
• Still images available in lower
signal coverage.

Canadian-based secure cloud-hosted service, built to meet requirements and favourable to independent assessors.

Safety Benefits

• Knowing what is going on in real time at an incident location is critical – Protecting lives can be made much easier.

• Arriving uninformed is risky and can impact decision making – Accurate information can be shared with responding units which can save lives.

• Capturing video communications as incidents unfold is a reality of the mobile age – Collecting potential evidence early in an event’s lifecycle is invaluable.

• Hoaxes or misuse of valuable resources is expensive – Categorizing situations quickly reduces costs.

• Accurately pinpoint caller’s exact GPS location.

Operational Benefits

•Easy and quick assessment of situations – Efficient dispatch decisions means effective use of resources.

• System ready application that is secure and scalable – Easy to adopt service with minimal training.

• Provides location services – Real-time, dynamic updates of a caller’s GPS location on the built-in mapping ensures effective and accurate dispatch of support, and geo- tagging of footage received.

• Securely store footage for training, FAQ, follow-up, and evidence as required.

Creating a Centre of Excellence

911eye enables a caller with a smartphone to stream live footage directly from their phone’s camera into the Communications Centre, providing vital live footage. Along with real-time location information and mapping via dynamic GPS coordinates, they can make a more informed decision on mobilizing the correct resources and, where required, share the live stream with colleagues, supervisors, other authorities etc.

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