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We are Levvel.

Under the direction and vision of our founders, the Levvel team works closely together to deliver superior value to our clients. We all share similar values and goals and have built a solid foundation for ongoing success, stability and growth.

Brian Milloy
Co-founder, President and CEO

“Technology is my trade, but people are my passion, and business done right is my drive.”

Chantal Milloy
Co-founder, COO

“I believe that giving back, connecting with the community, and embracing diversity brings out the best in all of us.”

Cameron Smith
VP, Strategic Accounts

“The technology business is what I have chosen and understand but working with people and helping guide them solve complex business challenges are my passion.”

Dan Munkittrick
VP, Strategic Accounts

“I’m proud to be leading Levvel’s eastern Canada operations with the same values Levvel was built on.”

Courtney Weiss
Managing Director, Organizational Change Solutions

“My experience in building change maturity models and developing organization-specific metrics, allows us to measure the success of change initiatives.”

Ajay Sharma
Managing Director, Business Solutions

“Helping organizations to optimize their resources to scale further, gives me immense satisfaction as it ultimately leads to economic well-being for everyone.”

Brianne Reid
Managing Director, Talent Solutions

“I’m fortunate to collect Canada’s best business success stories, and personal career triumphs. I love my job!”

Cherene Kambeitz
Marketing & Communications Director

“Business in Balance just makes sense. Work wise, be respectful, give back…repeat!”

Allanah Poirier
Manager, Operations

“It is an honour to be a part of such an incredible company with a team that is motivated. I’m looking forward to what the future holds.”

Lise Mousseau
Change Advisor

“In the spirit of “winning together”, this is felt beyond any words expressed – Levvel walks the talk and leads with heart.”

Darla Davidson
Office Administrator

“I am passionate about helping people and finding solutions to any challenges.”

Brigitte Mundy
Human Resource Administrator

“The desire to do the best by those that I work with, has always been my narrative.”

Tyler Vavra
Technical Recruiter

“I love being the x factor in helping professionals drive their careers forward.” 

Birgit Juergensen
Management & Change Consultant

“I have learned the balance between developing new skills and leveraging experience.”

Alana Solomon
Change Consultant

“The goal isn’t about being right, it’s about making a difference in the right way.”

Debra Somani
Change Consultant

“I enjoy knowing that my efforts have helped clients focus on the things they need to do to scale their business and improve their quality of life.”

Jade Clay
Change Consultant

“I look forward to co-designing transformation programs with Levvel clients to achieve business performance goals.”

Karen McIsacc
Change Consultant

“No matter the size or nature of your business, they are all fundamentally powered by people, and this is what draws me to the change practice.”

Rob Telnes
Change Consultant

“If you want to sustain transformative change, don’t do change to your people, do it with them”

Lori Campbell
Change Consultant

“I’ve got the heart of a Maritimer, and the resilience and resourcefulness that comes with my national and international life experiences.”

Rob Adams
Change Consultant

“The greatest reward in my career has been seeing people and teams achieving more than they imagined.”

Tiffany Woods
Change Consultant

“Transformation that is enduring and setting up wins for all involved, brings me much joy!”

Brian Bell
Change Consultant

“My goal when engaging with clients is to make a significant impact with their organization, their teams, and the community by focusing on the three pillars of sustainability; People, Planet and Profit.”

Working With Like-Minded People
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