our change consultants

We love Change.

Levvel’s team of Change Consultants are experts in managing organizational change. With decades of experience, and utilizing the Levvel Balanced Change Approach, we support clients as they successfully find balance between their role as business leader and their role as sponsor of change.

Birgit Juergensen
Management & Change Consultant

“I have learned the balance between developing new skills and leveraging experience.”

Alana Solomon
Change Consultant

“The goal isn’t about being right, it’s about making a difference in the right way.”

Jade Clay
Change Consultant

“I look forward to co-designing transformation programs with Levvel clients to achieve business performance goals.”

Karen McIsaac
Change Consultant

“No matter the size or nature of your business, they are all fundamentally powered by people, and this is what draws me to the change practice.”

Melissa Dunkley
Change Consultant

“Exceptional results require putting people first! Only through the efforts of engaged driven and vision-focused clients and teams can we achieve our client’s desired goals.”

Sonia Palta
Change Consultant

“At the heart of successful change to me is happy people feeling confident.”

Are you ready to take things to the next level?